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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant- A boon to society

Problem of baldness and untimely hair fall is increasing day by day. The reasons can be genetic, lack of proper nutrition or change in environment.However, with the advancement in technology and researches by scientist, have come forward with an effective solution to baldness and hair fall problem.

Hair transplant is considered as the newesttrend not only for those who have hair fall problem but also for those who want to change their hairlines or obtain an appealing mane. This surgical procedure involves removal of hair follicles from any place in the body including face or legs and transplanting them on the bald portion. With the help of this procedure, one can have transplanting hair in brows and lashes as well. Hair transplant is considered as a permanent solution to hair loss or baldness.

However, as it is a surgical process, any unexperienced doctor cannot do it. You need to get your hair transplant by an experienced and highly qualified cosmetic surgeon who has done successful hair transplant before also.

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