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Surgical Reduction Before

This patient reported to our operator y with complaint of bulky upper lip hanging in the central portion. Surgical reduction of lip was achieved by incisions placed on the inside of the lip which was not normally visible. The red part of the lip is then rolled to the inside to make the lips appear… Read More.

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Free Dental Awareness Camp

To create awareness about dental related problems and provide low cost and feasible dental treatment for the school children, a free dental Dental awareness camp was organized. A diagnostic checkup was done by our experts. Brushing demonstrations were also given to the students. Presentation was given to the Students. Presentation was given to the students… Read More.

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Dentist Treatment

Smile Glow Centre Provide various dental Treatments Such as:- Dental Fillings and Fissure Sealants:   Tooth decay that has caused a cavity is treated with dental fillings. Sealants protect teeth from decay. It forms a physical barrier that stops food and other bacteria from collecting in the fissures of the tooth. Dental Treatment for restoring damaged… Read More.

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