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We, humans, have always been conscious about our physical beauty and appearances. A very common saying says- ‘The first impression is the last impression’. This first impression is made mainly by our looks and beauty. Our skin complexion, physique and hair health usually come in our first looks which get noticed by everyone. Our skin complexion is not in our hands, it is a god’s gift. Still, we try using some beauty products and enhancing our beauty in this case. Hair health matters a lot for both men and women. Just like their skin complexion, hair health is sometimes not in their control. This makes them use some hair enhancement products to improve their health depending upon the problems that they face.

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Smile & Glow center Team

Awesome Team

Dr. Nitin Mittal

MDS Oral and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon AO Certified In Craniomaxillofacial Trauma Ex CMC, Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital,Mumbai

Dr. Deepika Mittal

BDS MDS Consultant Periodontist and Implantologist

Dr. Kamalpreet Kaur

BDS, MIDA, General Dentist

    Ass. Rahul

    Dental Assistant

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      smile and glow centre provides 24x7availability to dental and cosmetic surgeon . we are proud to have specially trained staff to provide unparallel care and attention.all our staff is updated with latest advances and technology.We have Best Dentist in Nawanshahr. Our team of doctors understands that some conditions require multispeciality approach to bring back functionality and smile.

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      Dental implant offer price

      • Includes surgical procedure
      • Dental implant
      • Abutment placement

      Rs. 15,000

      Hair Transplant

      • PRP treatment
      • Surgical procedure
      • 10 rupees per graft

      Rs. 10 rupees per graft

      Gum Surgery

      • Pibus Condimentu
      • Vestibulum Sodales
      • Curabitur Varius
      • Morbi Tincidunt

      Rs. 8,000